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About Bonsai Bottles

How We Got Here

Bonsai Bottles came from humble and frustrated beginnings. Vader, my black tabby cat mowed down most of my succulent and houseplant collection.  At the same time I was working in the Beer and Wine Industry and seeing many people buy bottles only to drain their sorrows and toss the bottle only to repeat the process. These circumstances lead to years of honing the terrarium craft.  The plants inside were protected from hungry house cats, and provide a much lower maintenance greed decor than a traditional house plant. Thus Bonsai Bottles was born.

After two years of creating my process and developing my craft. I formed Bonsai Bottles initially as a Pop-up Terrarium shop. As times change and circumstances happen I made the decision to offer Bonsai Bottles for online purchase and local pickup in the Raleigh area.  If you are outside this area but willing to travel for pick up please contact us.  Unfortunately Bonsai Bottles DO NOT SHIP.  Terrariums rely on gravity to keep their artfully layered substrates and adorable inhabitants in place.  Shipping usually leads to disastrous results and thus I do not ship. 

Some products other than Terrariums are potentially shippable. Future updates might allow for this.

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