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Care Insturctions


Do not overwater, when in doubt less is best.

  • Only mist with a spray bottle filled with distilled water.

  • Deionized water and reverse osmosis water are also best options

    but filtered water from a Brita or bottled water will be adequate.

  • Avoid using fresh tap water for houseplants, let it sit out overnight uncovered.

  • Water only enough to keep the soil slightly moist but never

    completely soaked.

  • Condensation when the terrarium is getting light is ideal.


While overwatering is the primary reason for terrarium/houseplant death, not enough light is the second.

  • Closed Terrariums require low indirect light.

  • Open Terrariums with succulents/dry climate plants require more

    sunlight and like morning sun.

  • Avoid leaving a terrarium in full sun outside.

  • Living vases containing Pothos prefer dappled sunlight outside. Pothos’ leaves will burn in direct sun.


Bonsai Bottles uses Springtails, Collembolans as a preventative measure in our products against mold and undesirable bacteria.

  • The microclimate inside a terrarium mimics a tropical environment with temperate mosses, mold and unwanted bacteria also thrive in these conditions

  • Springtails (Collembolans) are omnivorous, free-living organisms that prefer moist conditions. They munch on mold and fungi, and help to aerate the soil.  

What is your return policy?

We offer a 3 month quality guarantee as long as the product does not show signs of caretaker neglect.

  • Terrariums that are sunburnt or baked do not qualify.

  • Terrariums that experience mold outbreaks can be traded once for a replacement bottle that is similar in size but not necessarily identical. 

Care Instructions: FAQ
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